January 27, 2017 Author: Derrick Carter Protein Is So Important And Here’s Why. Protein-Why You Want To Bump It Up-When Dieting YA’LL!! Here’s why……..! Protein is kind of a big deal. The amino acids that make up protein have SO many important jobs, including revving your metabolism and helping your muscles recover. And BONUS: you can get protein from a wide range of sources, from beans, to chicken, and fish. Today, we’re paying tribute to this powerhouse nutrient and sharing all the deets about what it does for your body. Greater Muscle Mass and Lean Tissue Eating protein stimulates and increases in muscle. It suppresses protein breakdown for several hours so that you end up with more lean tissue. To learn more http://www.builtlean.com/2012/12/24/protein-build-muscle/ Less Hunger and Lower Calorie intake High-protein diets are known for their fat-reducing benefits. One reason they work is that eating a lot of protein reduces hunger.Protein is filling and when you eat more of it you are more likely to be satisfied and eat fewer calories. Easier Fat Loss on a Calorie Restricted Diet A high protein intake not only keeps hunger at bay when trying to lose fat, it has a cool effect of increasing the amount of calories your body burns to digest it. Less Belly Fat A high quality protein intake of at least 10 grams of proteins at every meal is associated with less belly fat in a variety of studies. There are so many great ways to get more tasty protein check out this article. http://www.eatthis.com/best-ever-proteins-for-weight-loss Better Bone Density and Less Risk of Osteoporosis Research consistently shows that a higher protein intake increases bone density and decreases risk of osteoporosis. The rumor that a high protein intake is bad for bones is a myth based on misunderstanding of bone metabolism. Sprout Living EPIC Protein Powder from: SunburstSuperfoods.com Better Brain Function Protein is a vital brain food. Eating high quality protein that includes a variety of foods from animal sources provides building blocks to make chemical messengers involved in energy production, wakefulness, hunger, motivation, and optimal cognition. Better Sleep High protein diets have been found to allow people to sleep better and wake less frequently during the night compared to high carb diets. Lower Blood Pressure A higher protein intake has been found to reduce blood pressure in individuals with hypertension. A 4 week study tested the effect of giving subjects an extra 60 grams a day of protein. Compared to the group that didn’t increase intake, the protein group decreased their average systolic blood pressure. The best protein powder I would recommend. If you don’t have allergy to milk. Its a high protein lower carb and it tastes great!