February 27, 2017 Author: Derrick Carter Category: Health I Had A Great Time In Idaho Last Weekend Adventuring! I had a wonderful time visiting my daughter in Idaho this past weekend. Boy I tell you we got every kind of winter weather all in one day. Did you know there are several different kinds of snow that fall? This California native had no clue about ice rain and graupel or little snow versus big fluffy snow. Pretty amazing to see and in one afternoon. Gotta love the Inland Pacific Northwest! We a fantastic day of adventuring the scenic country side. Did lot’s of sightseeing, hunting for a moose and for bald eagles. Unfortunately no moose but we did see a bald eagle. Barely as we drove by haha my daughter spotted him. We stopped in at Farragut State Park amazing beautiful place! https://parksandrecreation.idaho.gov/parks/farragut We did some hiking here which is no easy task in the snow! What a workout! My Grand son found a igloo! This is why it is So important to keep in shape! I want to keep up with my kids and grandkids. Get out there and keep exploring the wilderness with ease. I eat a well rounded diet have you checked out my nutrition plan. https://kimvassar.selz.com/item/nutrition Without the right fuel I put into my body I would most likely be lanlethargic and want to stay inside on this wintery day. Not me I am fueled up and ready for the next adventure! You have to condition your body so it will stay strong and do what you want to do. Check out my 28 Day plan and get yourself strong for your next adventure!! https://kimvassar.selz.com/item/flat-belly-formula