July 6, 2017 Author: Derrick Carter 3 Ways to Stay on Track at the Grocery Store Grocery Store Strategy for a Fit/healthy body We all know how tantilizing the food choices can be at the grocery store. Here’s a strategy to get you through the grocery store with the foods that will satisfy you, fill you up and give you the body you deserve healthy and fit! 1 Choose your protein first This is the most important component of your meals and your snacks to feed your muscles and increase your metabolism. increase your metabolism. You want to have at least a third of your meal or snack to consist of protein Begin your shopping trip picking out the protein you will be eating *Meat section is your first stop (if you eat meat) *Dairy section next, you will be choosing greek yogurt, tofu, cottage cheese *Down the aisles for tuna and protein powder 2 Produce next The bulk of your food will be vegtables and fruit so you will be spending a few minutes in this section. *Get your vegtables first. You will need about 2 to 3 cups for lunch and the same for dinner so this will be where you spend your time and how you fill up your grocery cart. Green leafy vegtables and lots of them. Choose a variety of colors this way you are getting a lot of different nutrients that your body needs to be healthy and fit. *Fruits come next, a variety of colors and types. Judge for at least 2 fruit serving per day 3 Simple Carbs This leaves the fill in of your grocery list. Healthy Simple Carbs, be careful with this part of your shopping. Try to avoid the processed easy snacks that are so tempting. Whole foods are the better choice! Rice Cakes – Rice – Oats – tortillas