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4 Day Juice Cleanse

4 Day Juice Cleanse

It’s that time of the year again when you really start thinking about your diet! You were all about those new year resolutions and they went by the way side. A great way to jump start things is with a Four Day Juice Cleanse. It’s amazing what a positive impact it will make in a short amount of time!


Juicing helps retrain your brain about food.  How many of us eat for comfort or even worse boredom! I know I have been there. After a cleanse you are more focused about what you are putting in your body. It also helps cut the cravings for junk food. Not to mention all the health benefits!

    1. It let’s your body absorb  more nutrients because it’s not digesting fiber without all the pulp your body doesn’t have to work on digesting all that fiber. Not that fiber isn’t good but this way you just go straight to nutrients.    Here Dr. Mercola talks to us about the benefits of juicing

  1. You gain a wider range of vegies in to your body because you are consuming so much more. How many             vegetables do you get each day. I know I always should be eating more.

Check out what Dr. Mercola and Dr. Saul have to say about it

3. It fuels good bacteria to your gut health most people don’t know that a third of your immune system is                 located in our digestive track and tons of research shows that the key to a healthy body is a healthy gut.

4. It can help fight and prevent cancer check out this great story

5. It aides in lowering high cholesterol


6. Can contribute to detoxify the body our diets include processed junk, chemicals, and non-organic substances. We constantly breathe in voc’s, toxic air, smoke and fumes. These build up in our bodies and cause many different health problems a juice cleanse helps rid the body of these things.

7. Lowers blood sugar levels check out this article about juicing for diabetes


I have a new 4 Day Juice Cleanse available on my selz store.  Grab a copy of my 4 day plan and jump start your diet, and boost your immune system. Retrain that brain into remembering what food is supposed to taste like!!

Stay Healthy Everyone!